LA Riots 1992 | Life inside the Scott Park Killers gang | Samoans in South LA

Journalism can give you a ringside seat on history.  No doubt about that. 

In 1996 when a jury acquitted cops of beating African American Rodney King the LA Riots began. As the city burned, I made my way to a rendezvous with a Samoan gang, the South Park Killers. 

The gang turned up fully armed and blocked the street off in case of drive by shootings. 

Then they gave me what appears to be one of the few  glimpses  inside a gang during these riots, mainly because I was a New Zealander, and they were Samoan. A quarter of a century later I discovered the TVNZ story had gone viral amongst the OGs with about a million hits on a number of repostings.  This is one of them. 

Life inside the Scott Park Killers gang. I shot this during the LA Riots of 1992. Only a quarter of a century later did I discover the story I made for TVNZ'S Holmes Programme had gone viral amongst gang members across America, viewed by more than one million people