I often get asked what’s a tv reporter doing playing the flamenco guitar?

Funnily enough it was flamenco that led me into journalism.  

With the encouragement of my family I’d played this very exciting style of Spanish music since I was a child. In fact it was because of that I got my first break as a reporter when I was asked to interview a band of gipsies now known as the Gipsy Kings.

You can see the full story with pictures here in North and South Magazine. just paste this address into your address bar.



Can you count the beats in this Spanish flamenco rhythm?

Twelve actually. I played this piece in honour of my teacher Juan del Gastor, from the village of Moron de la Frontera. Palmas from Isabel Rivera Cuenca and her troupe from Barcelona.

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Journalist turned Flamenco Guitarist

His command of the complex and intimate rhythms of Flamenco was astonishing.
— Ann Hunt | Dominion Post

Journalism Highlights

Journalism had been a roller coaster ride through Newspapers, Radio and TV that took me to every corner of the world.

Here you can see some of the highlights throughout my career.

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